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The Cereal That's a Waste of Milk
It's true that some cereals can pack in way more calories, fat and sugar than most of us should be eating in the morning. However, "diet" versions (usually found in the form of rice flakes or puffs) take breakfast to the opposite extreme: You'll see from the nutrition label that these are low in pretty much everything—including fiber, which means you'll probably be as hungry after finishing a bowl as you were when you woke up. Jibrin recommends whole-grain, unprocessed oatmeal or minimally processed whole wheat cereals instead and says that despite its reputation as a megacalorie treat, granola can be a great source of fiber and protein. Choose one that has nuts, seeds and whole grains and is low in added sugar, and consider using it as a condiment (sprinkled on unsweetened yogurt or a whole wheat cereal) rather than a meal in itself.