Suzy and Nancy as children

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Growing up, sisters Suzy and Nancy were as close as two people could be. They were practically inseparable, singing, dancing and playing their way through childhood. As adults, they remained best friends and had a bond others would envy.

In 1978, when Suzy was just 33, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. "Back in 1978, nobody talked about [breast cancer]. Doctors barely knew how to treat it," Nancy says. "There wasn't an Internet, there were no 1-800 numbers to call. There were no support groups for young patients."

After an exhausting battle, Suzy lost her fight with the disease. Shortly before she died, she asked Nancy if they could work together to ensure that other women suffering would be able to get the support and information they so desperately needed. "She said, 'Nannie, when I get better, I want you to promise me that we're going to work to make sure that this doesn't happen to other families,'" Nancy says. Four years after Suzy passed away, Nancy was also diagnosed with the disease.

Nancy promised that if it took the rest of her life, she would raise awareness of breast cancer. "It's been almost 30 years," Nancy says. "And still there's not a day that goes by that I don't miss Suzy."
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