Christina Applegate and Oprah

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Before she went under the knife, Christina says the only mastectomy she'd ever seen was the one her mother received. "[Her surgery] was in the '70s, and they didn't do a very good job back then," she says. "So in my own mind I'm thinking, 'My God, I'm going to be butchered, and it's going to be horrible. I'm never going to love that part of me again.' ... But I did a lot of research, and they can make some pretty boobies."

Currently, Christina says she has saline expanders in her body, which will make way for the new implants. Though she's proud of her proactive decision, she says she's reminded of her loss every day.

"It doesn't feel the same, and it's hard to carry your purse," she says. "I cry at least once a day about it because it's hard to overlook it when you're standing there in the mirror. When you look down, it's the first thing you see. ... So you're reminded constantly of this thing—this cancer thing that you had."

On the bright side, Christina says she won't have to wear a bra ever again. She also feels victorious in the fight against breast cancer. "I have taken a very progressive stance in the rest of my life," she says. "For that, I'm really grateful."
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