Christina Applegate and Oprah

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As the daughter of a breast cancer survivor, Christina says she's been vigilant about getting regular mammograms since she was 30 years old. In 2007, doctors recommended extra precautions. "My doctor said that the mammograms weren't enough for me because of the denseness of my breasts," she says. "He suggested that I get an MRI."

Christina went in for her first MRI screening, which produced disturbing results. "They found some funky things going on [in one breast]," she says. Doctors told her they needed to perform a biopsy. Then, the excruciating waiting game began.

Christina continued to work and promote her sitcom, but the impending results were never far from her mind. A week later she says she got the phone call every woman dreads. "[The doctor said], 'It came back positive,'" she says. "Right now I'm sitting here shaking remembering that moment."

Doctors explained that the cancer was only in her left breast, and thankfully, they caught it at an early stage. Christina says she held back her tears and immediately went into survival mode.
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