Laurie is now cancer-free.

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Today, Laurie is proud to say she is cancer-free. "I'm a six-year survivor," she says, "I also have a new addition to my family, a baby boy."

Oprah says that before attending Laurie's treatment, she had no idea what chemotherapy really was. "It's just that big, vast word—chemotherapy," she says.

Laurie says most people don't know what it means. "I never even knew what an oncologist was before I was diagnosed," Laurie says. "It's a matter of bringing hope. It's a matter of bringing knowledge."

After all she's been through, Laurie says she's thrilled to be able to give this message to everyone struggling with cancer or people who know someone who's fighting the same battle. "There is life after diagnosis," she says. "You just have to be positive about everything."
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