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Charnette's cancer went into remission shortly after she appeared on the show. Sadly, her cancer has returned and spread to her lungs and brain.

Charnette is back with another life-changing message for women and medical professionals everywhere. "There's still so many young women being diagnosed with breast cancer every single day, and it needs to stop," she says. "We need to focus more attention on prevention of breast cancer, and we need to focus more attention on young women and on screening for young women."

Charnette says her two children, Gabby and Christian, pray every day for a cure. "So many mommies, so many young women, so many mothers are dying every day from breast cancer, and it just really needs to stop," she says.

As Charnette continues her fight against cancer, she works to spread hope by shining a spotlight on the disease. "In this world, it's not about how long we live but what we do with our time while we are here. That's why I have dedicated my life to doing everything I can to make sure that no other mother has to tell their child that they're not going to live long enough to see them grow up," she says. "I just hope, from bringing awareness to so many people, that together we can make this work and that we can end breast cancer in this lifetime."
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