Your Support Team

These groups help young women navigate prevention, detection and recovery.

Bright Pink
This nonprofit educates young women about prevention and early detection. You can get "Underwire Alerts," monthly text reminders to do breast checks, at

Young Survival Coalition (YSC)
"Before I was diagnosed, I didn't know young women could get breast cancer," says the group's CEO, Jennifer Merschdorf. "But I quickly found out about YSC and went to one of the support groups. The women I met helped me get through it." YSC runs in-person support meetings around the country, plus online forums at

Cancer and Careers
Maintaining a job while undergoing treatment can be tricky. "One of my friends works at a law firm surrounded by men who are after her job," Merschdorf says. "She doesn't want to be treated differently because she's been sick, but if she bursts into a sweat from hot flashes caused by her medication, that can be hard to conceal." At, survivors can get career coaching and legal advice about workplace rights.

—Sunny Sea Gold

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