2. Fire up your metabolic engine through exercise.

We eat seven days a week, so we need to move seven days a week. Try to squeeze in moderate exercise for one hour every day. You can also use pedometer to track your steps as you make it a goal to reach 10,000 steps a day, every day. For the ultimate metabolic boost, schedule a weight-lifting session 2-3 times a week in which you train your whole body using a circuit-style workout. Choose one workout a week where you increase your weights to build muscle (you can consult with a trainer to find what weight levels work best for you). Keep in mind that you don't want to push yourself to the point of injury, so lighten up or stop at the first sign of pain.

Our bodies are losing muscle every day, so we need to counterbalance this by trying to build muscle. Ladies, don’t be afraid: You won’t end up looking like a bodybuilder, as it’s almost impossible at this stage for you to become bulky. If you're convinced you’re gaining weight, take a hard look at what you’re eating. That’s often where the problem lies.

Muscle burns calories all day long and that is exactly what we need. Lifting weights will tighten and tone your body, and, as an added bonus, will strengthen your bones. These metabolic-boosting workouts can be done at home and should only take you about 30 minutes.

3. Remember to eat your greens.
Greens offset the high-calorie foods we eat and kill cravings before they can develop. Digesting leafy green vegetables makes your body work harder and causes your metabolism to speed up. Not eating enough vegetables every day is one of biggest mistakes people make because this can cause them to overeat.

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