Spin Your Wheels

Prefer to pedal your way through the sights? It's amazing how much you can see on two wheels: the wine country, quaint Vermont bed-and-breakfasts, romantic tours of the European countryside and so much more. No matter what your experience level, you can find a tour that's right for you.

If you've never gone on a bicycle tour, you should use a quality outfitter, such as Backroads, Vermont Bicycle Touring or Abercrombie & Kent. You can also check out the nonprofit organization Adventure Cycling Association. They have incredible maps that are bicycle-specific and bike-friendly.

Check out some of my favorite bicycle tours below:
  • Napa Valley Wine Tours, California: This is great any time of year.
  • Vermont bed-and-breakfast tours: It's the perfect summer outing.
  • Tour of the San Juans, Colorado: Enjoy the ride and the stunning views of the San Juan Mountains.
  • Tour of the Canadian Rockies: Plan a trip during the summer or early fall.
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