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Jumping Like a Girl
The mistake: When doing squat jumps or box jumps (hopping up and down with both feet on platforms of various heights), you try not to land too heavily or too hard.

The issue: When you're jumping down from any height, you increase the force and pressure on your joints, so the way you land becomes crucial in preventing injury, says Wright. Men, she says, instinctively seem to get it: They land with their butt sticking out and their knees both facing forward and deeply bent, which absorbs impact. Women, she’s noticed, tend to land with their legs straighter and their knees closer together, which can be hard on the joints (it could even cause a ruptured ACL).

The fix: Wright recommends starting with standing broad jumps (where you swing your arms and jump forward with both feet) until you perfect your form and are able to land without wobbling. Increase the height very gradually, and consider stepping down to the ground instead of jumping.
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