Dr. Oz says his success wouldn't have been possible without the support of his family and Dr. Michael Roizen, the research partner he says is like a brother.

"I have enjoyed every moment of everything we have done together. I've learned a ton about how to talk to people," he tells Oprah. "I've become a better doctor, a better father [and], I think, a better human being because I've been able to work with you on these, and I promise you, I will make you proud."

With champagne in hand, Oprah toasts Dr. Oz and wishes him great success. "I'd like for all of us to raise our glasses to an honorable man who has been a great teacher and a great healer," she says. "Bringing us all closer to better health, better wisdom and a better life for ourselves."

The Dr. Oz Show premieres Monday, September 14. Check your local listings!


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