In 2006, Kim weighed in at 332 pounds. Then, she says she was scared skinny by something Dr. Oz said. "I was watching the show one day, and you said that once a person reaches 400 pounds, they rarely have a chance to lose weight," she says.

On that show, Dr. Oz also encouraged overweight people to get out and start walking…so that's exactly what Kim did. "You wanted everyone to walk 30 minutes a day, and I thought, ''I can walk 30 minutes a day,'" she says. "So every morning, rain or shine, I was out in the park behind my house." So far, Kim has lost 164 pounds!

By meeting women like Kim over the years, Dr. Oz says he's also learned something about being a doctor. "The message is the medicine. I didn't have to give you any pills, but you got a little bit of an insight about actual steps that work for you, connected with you emotionally," he says. "I think this is the future of what we're going to do."


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