Shay also traveled to Chicago to thank Dr. Oz for saving her life. Shay says she saw a picture of a melanoma during an Oprah Show segment about skin cancer. "I thought to myself, ''That's what my mole looks like on the back of my leg,'" she says.

Days later, a dermatologist removed Shay's mole. "He took the surrounding tissue and called me two days later and said that it was, in fact, melanoma," she says. "I had been married for a year. I had everything to live for, and I was so worried that this was going to take my life."

Doctors soon discovered the cancer had spread to Shay's lymph nodes, which required more surgery. "[They] took all my lymph nodes," she tells Dr. Oz. "I went through immunotherapy for a monthlong period of time, but I would not be here today if it wasn't for you."


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