Brad, a 35-year-old husband and father from Michigan, says he gave up a testicle so his wife could see Oprah…literally.

Brad says he tuned in to see Dr. Oz offer advice to an audience full of men . "You were talking about how to give a self-exam for testicular cancer, and I found a lump," he says. "I procrastinated for a while because, like most guys, it's embarrassing to go to the doctor and ask him to check out your balls. So I waited."

When Brad finally went to see a physician, he found out he had cancer. He says he had surgery on Christmas Eve to remove the lump, and now, he's doing fantastic. "I really wanted to come here, and on behalf of my two little boys at home and my wife, really just to thank you for saving my life," he says to Dr. Oz.


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