It's common to experience an increased sense of stress when you are getting ready to tie the knot. You want your wedding planning process to bring you and your significant other closer and build your intimacy. Allowing stress to take control does very little to help cement a relationship.
Staying in Control
  • Talk with your partner and make sure that your wedding plans reflect your true desires. Of course, a grand wedding is wonderful, so long as it's really worth the effort and expense to you. But, some couples launch elaborate wedding plans without stopping to think through whether these are based on unexamined assumptions about what each partner wants.
  • You may want to reexamine your assumptions about how much you expect yourself to handle.
  • Delegate as many chores and tasks as possible. Don't be shy about asking your partner, friends or relatives to help you. Be selective about which tasks you really need to supervise personally.
  • Accept that there are limits to your control over the wedding. Any event involving so many other people will have a few imperfections. What doesn't go exactly according to plan may very well become a cherished wedding story in years to come.
  • Don't hesitate to defer social obligations that make you feel pulled in too many directions. Sometimes it seems that everyone wants to get together and share the excitement of the pre-wedding months. This can be fun, but sometimes it's too much.
  • Keep your sense of humor and remember what has brought you to this point in the first place— you're in love—and there is nothing more life affirming and wonderful than planning a future with someone your mad about. The other stuff truly is just icing on the cake!
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