Brian's before and after

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On the left, you can see what Brian, one of Dr. Bernstein's patients, once looked like. On the right, is what he looks like now—10 months after his follicular unit transplantation

Dr. Bernstein explains why Brian was a good candidate for the procedure. "He had lost all the hair in the front, as you can see in the photos. And he also had a scar on his head from shingles when he was a child. That bothered him as he lost his hair," he says. "And then his donor area was good in the fact that his density was a little bit low, the amount of hair he had was low, but his hair was white."

Brian says the anesthetic made surgery relatively painless, and you can't even really see the scar on the back of his head where the section of scalp was removed!

"I'm impressed. You can't see it," Oprah says. "Wow, that is good."
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