In the early '90s, I went to Canyon Ranch, the famous spa in Arizona. It was very clean and five-star, so I felt comfortable trying the more woo-woo treatments, like past-life-regression therapy. I'd always sensed there was more than this current life we're living—and I learned that the reason I'd always had a hard time wearing turtlenecks (they make me feel choked) was that I had actually been strangled to death in a past life. In another incarnation, I was the madam at a brothel in France. Pardon the pun, but I was hooked! You could say this was the start of my spiritual wellness journey.

Over the next few years, I experimented with Reiki and meditation—which I still do. I became a devout yogi and, through a class I took with Deepak Chopra, a yogic flier. I'm not supposed to talk about this, but in a state of deep meditation, you can literally levitate off the ground in a lotus position and hop, hop, hop across the floor. Another guru had me try urine therapy, which involves drinking your first urine of the day. I don't remember the purpose of that, but I did it for several weeks, and, of course, it was terrible. I had to pretend it was a warm tequila shot. I even tried rebirthing, which involved being squeezed through a rolled-up futon in a doctor's office in Santa Fe—there was a lot of crying and screaming—to release the supposed trauma of being expelled from the womb. That was hysterical.

In general, I'm willing to try anything. I figure, Maybe I'll laugh about this...or maybe it will change my life. When you're a seeker, you eventually realize that all your searching leads you to the same place—that the answers you need are, quite frankly, within. The point, for me, is to purify my body and mind. Because when you're physically and spiritually clear—and not held hostage by cravings and old hurts—you're a little bit psychic. You can intuit what's right for you in any given moment. I believe that our souls are on a journey, and that our bodies are just vessels. I like to treat mine as a golden vessel.

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