Dr. Oz meets with Tony.

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After speaking with Wendie, Dr. Oz meets with Tony and discovers he also wrestles with a root cause of his smoking addiction.

Tony's father died when he was a month old. Tony says he later abused alcohol before getting sober. "I just wanted to be better than what I was. I knew I could be," he says. "I wanted to be successful. I wanted to have a family, a house and a good job."

Tony says combining his and Wendie's personal issues with the pressures each of them feel about her quitting smoking has created a stressful environment that grows perpetually more stressful. "I call it 'the snowball rolling downhill,'" Tony says. "Just picking up more [stuff] to throw at me. It's rough with two people on the edge at the same time in the same house."

Dr. Oz says Tony and Wendie—and their daughter, Bailie—are not alone. "This is exactly what happens in a lot of houses in America. You've got people who love themselves. But love doesn't stop addictions by itself," he says. "I know that the arguments you're having are bothering Bailie. They're definitely bothering Wendie. And they're probably irritating you."