Tony's demeanor changes as he talks about a trip to Disneyland with his daughter.

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Tony is able to come up with three reasons why he will not fail and lose his loved ones—he works hard, is a good father and a good husband. Martha asks Tony to describe a time when he was a great father to Bailie.

As he describes a trip to Disneyland, Tony's demeanor noticeably changes. "We just had a blast," he says. "We had fun. She looked up at me and she said 'I love you, Daddy.' That stuff makes me feel good." For the first time, Martha says she can see the real Tony. "Before, that scared animal was too frightened to be Tony," she says.

Martha says it's important for Tony to not beat up on himself or else he'll teach Bailie to do the same. "[Children] don't treat themselves the way you treat them," she says. "They treat themselves the way you treat you."