Wrong Turn #4: You Don’t Get Enough Sleep
Studies show that people who get fewer than 6 hours of sleep a night have a 50% increased risk of developing polyps in the colon which can lead to colon cancer. The problem is, the body simply can’t produce enough of the sleep hormone melatonin when it runs on less than 6 hours of sleep; melatonin acts as an antioxidant to repairs cells and helps keep cancer at bay.

Right Turn:
Prioritize bedtime by setting an alarm clock that also goes off when it’s time to go to sleep, not just when it’s time to wake up. Use this alarm at night to help you fall into a healthy bedtime routine.

Wrong Turn #5: You Eat Too Many Low-Fat Foods
Packaged foods such as cookies and cakes that are marketed as “low fat” or “fat free” lure people who want to lose weight. But to replace the flavor from fat, these products are loaded with unhealthy refined carbs and simple sugars that spike insulin and actually increase weight gain. What’s worse, these insulin spikes also lead to cancer-causing inflammation.

Remember, whenever you buy low-fat and fat-free products, you’re also missing out on the good fats, like omega-3s, that have been shown to protect against cancer. What’s more, healthy fats actually slow the rate at which carbohydrates are absorbed, so a balanced diet that includes healthy fats actually helps maintain a good weight.

Right Turn:
If you want to indulge, buy a full-fat version of a cookie or other food and enjoy it as a treat once in a while. You’ll probably eat less of it since you know how much fat it contains, and you’re not being tricked into eating more than you should by a low-fat snack product.

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