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From the latest superfruits (think Chilean and Chinese berries) to an obscure, blood-red tree sap believed to have skin-healing properties, Chris Kilham, known to many people as the Medicine Hunter, scours the globe to discover safe and effective natural remedies. He is an author and educator and serves on the medical advisory board of the Dr. Oz Show, where he introduces audiences to the medicinal research he has conducted in over 30 countries.

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Goji Berry

The perennial, soft, squishy goji berry has been said to fight inflammation and help reduce the risk of serious health problems. The use of goji berries as a medicinally valuable food goes back to the first emperor of China. Also known as Chinese wolfberry, goji is a nutritious snack and a widely used agent in traditional Chinese medicinal formulas for overall health and vitality, liver detoxification and improving eye health.

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Schisandra berries are considered one of the most beneficial agents in all of traditional Chinese medicine. They are considered an adaptogen, which is a plant extract that is said to decrease cellular sensitivity to stress. Schisandra is also known as the five-flavored fruit.

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Maqui Berry

Medicine hunter Chris Kilham has traveled to the Patagonian region of South America to learn all about the maqui berry, a new superfruit which can be found growing in the wild. Not only is this fruit sweet with lots of flavors but it is also an additive in some Chilean wines.

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Dragon’s Blood

If you’ve got a bite, a burn, a sting or an infection, the Amazonian tree sap known as dragon’s blood (for its blood-red color and latex-like consistency) may just bring the relief you need. Watch as Chris Kilham explains why dragon's blood is world-famous for its antibacterial and skin-healing properties.

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Chris Kilham climbs to elevations of over 3,000 meters in the mountains of northern Asia in search of his favorite plant: rhodiola. Also considered an adaptogen, rhodiola is a root that can help build strength and boost brain function.

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