Health Mistake #2: Ignoring Unexplained Weight Gain
Warning Sign: Breast Cancer (Also Colon, Ovarian and Uterine)

Many times women ignore unexplained weight gain, chocking it up to not enough physical activity or indulging in too many fattening foods. But putting on extra pounds inexplicably can also be a serious warning sign related to breast cancer. Here’s what happens: When breast cancer cells spread, they can stick to the abdominal wall and secrete chemicals that cause fluid to accumulate and the belly to expand. Unintentional weight gain can also be a sign of other cancers, including colon, ovarian or uterine. If you experience widening abdominal girth, yet haven’t changed your diet or exercise habits, see your physician for a full medical workup and request having your belly checked for fluid.

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Health Mistake #3: Ignoring a Frequent Urge to Urinate
Warning Sign: Diabetes

If you have to urinate all the time, it could be a warning sign of diabetes. Frequent urination occurs in cases of undiagnosed diabetes because of high blood sugar levels. Here’s what’s going on: Your kidneys start working overtime to draw in water from the body so they can help flush out excess sugars. This process also results in your feeling very thirsty. If you suspect you might have diabetes, see your doctor who can run a urine test and a finger-stick blood glucose test.

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