1. Air squats

Why they're great:
You'll get your heart rate up fast using your largest muscle groups (quads and glutes).

How to do them: Place feet shoulder width apart, then sit back as if you're sitting in a chair, keeping the weight in your heels and chest up. Stand and repeat.

2. Angled push-ups

Why they're great:
They work your core, chest, and shoulders all at once.

How to do them: Place hands on the edge of a bench, with arms at a 90-degree angle from your torso. Lower yourself by bending arms, then push back up.

3. Hip thrusters

Why they're great:
They work your entire body.

How to do them: In push-up position, step your right foot toward your right hand. Do the same with your left foot until you're in a frog position with hands and feet on the floor. From there, step your right foot back to its original spot, and follow with the left. Repeat.


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