7. I immediately eliminated all processed foods, all white sugar and nearly all dairy. Triple negative responds well to a very lowfat diet. To be a vegan is ideal, but you will find that when you get anemic during the chemo, you may have to bend the rules a bit on meat—at least that is what I have found and was tucking into some veal shank for the marrow at midnight last night. Also, a low-glycemic diet is very good for triple negative because there is some research that shows that triple negative may have something to do with insulin levels.

8. I drink only water, bubbly water and green tea (I don't want the sugars in the other drinks). I put lemon in and on everything—it cuts through the chemical taste and you need 3 quarts of water a day to wash the chemicals through your system. Staying hydrated also keeps you from being nauseated. They recommend three to six mugs of green tea a day to get maximum benefit from the antioxidants in the tea. Start eating all organic. Check out Jane Plant (British geologist's book) on how she survived breast cancer by giving up dairy.

9. Don't touch any milk, eggs or meat that have any hormones in them. I still eat eggs and fish— but only wild-caught fish, like salmon and white fish. I don't want the swordfish and other things that are higher up the food chain because they have a lot of mercury.

10. Eat a lot of cabbage. Cancer hates cabbage! When you are eating this clean, detoxed diet filled with superfoods, you are going to be as strong as you can be to counter the tsunami-like effects of the weekly, biweekly or tri-weekly chemo treatments. It's like girding yourself to take each wave head-on—like body surfing. And even those days when you don't feel great, go out for a walk. Don't miss your exercise—the oxygen and endorphins will help so so much. And eat like a pregnant woman overcoming morning sickness—small meals five times a day. Don't let your stomach get empty; it helps counter the nausea. Sleep with a banana by the side of your bed and a pitcher of water. Hydrate all night long and have the banana in case you are feeling a little queasy first thing in the morning. Demand that your doctor give you a wonder drug called Emend—best anti-nausea drug on the market. Insist on it. Look into getting chia seeds from your health food store or online. They are flax on steroids. They are wonderful on your oatmeal in the morning and have all the omega-3s you need, plus fiber and calcium.

11. Ginger is the best natural anti-nausea food. Chop fresh ginger into everything. Eat it raw. Make tea from it. It got so desperate the other day I went straight from the gym to a nearby sushi restaurant to eat a mound of pickled ginger because it was the only thing I could think of to settle my stomach.

Have you or someone you know gone through chemotherapy? Share your story below.

To learn more about Jennifer's story, vist her blog.

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