Now that the rest of your body is ready for the outdoors, it's time to focus on your feet.

Start by getting rid of fungal toenails. Topical, whitening and antifungal agents help remove toe fungus and fix discolored nails. If you have major discoloration, doctors can use a laser to whiten the nails. Oral antifungals are also available, but they may take time to start working.

For unsightly calluses on your heels, a chemical peel administered by a doctor can remove the entire callus for baby-soft skin. Exfoliating creams can help keep smaller calluses at bay.

Pedicures are also popular during sandal season, but they're not without their risks. There are a few simple things you can do to keep yourself safe at the salon. Cut down on germs by making sure the pedicurist cleans out the whirlpool with bleach. Bring your own instruments, and never let anyone use razor blades on your feet. Have the pedicurist cut your toenails straight across to avoid ingrown toenails. And opt for lighter polish colors like beige and light pink—darker shades can stain nails.


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