8. Training for a Marathon to Lose Weight
Weight loss and marathon training should not be discussed in the same breath. When you run a marathon—a wonderful motivation goal, by the way—you are teaching your body to conserve energy to be able to maintain movement for an extended three-to-six-hour course. This energy efficiency does not compute well when your goal is to burn the most amount of calories and be a metabolic engine.

9. Thinking 10 Minutes Isn't Worth It
Whether you have a full hour for exercise, or as little as 10 minutes, it is a proven fact that incremental exercise contributes to a healthy lifestyle and helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular and other diseases. Think of the gutter on a house filled with leaves. If you use the hose to rinse the leaves away and have low pressure throughout the day, you could turn on the water and slowly they would be rinsed away. Your circulation system works in a similar fashion. Now just think: If you turn the full pressure on the hose, maybe it would take only 10 minutes!

10. Thinking You Are Too Old to Exercise
Want proof that exercise is for every age? I recently met with Jane Fonda at World Fitness Day in Atlanta. At 72 years old, she looks fantastic! Jane gathered up a group of more than 3,000 people of all ages—including Billy Blanks, Denise Austin, Richard Simmons, the Pointer Sisters, Debbie Allen and Ludacris—for an event to inspire better health for everyone.

Which of these mistakes are you guilty of? Share your history in the comments area.

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