5. Doing the Same Thing Each Time
Although creating a routine will give you confidence in the gym, doing the same movement patterns consistently will result in reduced calorie burn and muscle building. Why? Our bodies are smart. They become very efficient at utilizing the least amount of energy possible to perform the same movement. If you are a walker, increasing your speed and incline, or changing your route, can be enough to keep the body guessing. For weight training, try different exercises that target the same muscle groups. Typically, your body has a six-to-eight week learning curve. So if you don't love change, make your cycles every two to three months for your best return on results.

6. Skipping a Workout
"Time is a created thing, to say you have no time means you really don't want to."
— Lao Tzu, father of Taoism

Even when you don't think you have time, you do. Even 10 minutes of exercise has an impact on the body, and you can sneak that much into your day anywhere: standing in line at the grocery store (pick up one leg and balance in a tree pose); waiting in an elevator (squat against the wall); or standing in the shower (lean on the wall and do a few push ups). Remember: Every little bit counts!

7. Working Out Every Day
Even the president takes a day off! Realistically, your body needs the rest and recovery time to rebuild and be at its best. If you are an exercise fanatic, remember how important rest is to rebuilding muscle tears and easing muscle soreness. Change the intensity or just stretch on the seventh day of workouts. Or integrate Pilates or yoga into your regular routine.


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