Breakfast spread

Photo: Paul Delmont, Prop styling: Leila Baboi

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A Spread You'll Never Believe Is So Speedy
When we learned that chef Anthony Strong of Delfina Restaurant Group in San Francisco eats such a robust breakfast—it includes tea, eggs and multiple kinds of fruits and vegetables—we figured he must spend at least a half hour making it. Then he told us he's got it down to exactly 12 minutes, start to finish (including washing dishes). It's all in the order of things. First, he puts the water for tea on. Second, he pours a giant glass of orange juice. He munches on his first piece of fruit while he scrambles two eggs in butter. They go onto a plate with a pile of arugula, some sauerkraut and half an avocado; then Strong tops everything with cracked pepper and olive oil. He eats a second piece of fruit as he's hustling out there door.