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The Organizing Wonder That Works in Any Room
Sure, you can use this to hold your magazines, folders and loose papers, but a spare magazine file can also be a clutter-buster in the kitchen or bathroom. At PBJstories, blogger and owner Pamela Stephens uses hers to store canned vegetables, and on Pinterest, users recommend placing the file long-side-down to organize boxes of wax paper, aluminum foil and plastic wrap. In the bathroom, however, the file takes on a surprising new life: Tara Suel of the blog Home {Sweet} Home attached Velcro hanging strips to one side and mounted it to the inside of her cabinet door, where it's used to corral hair dryers, curling irons and other beauty gadgets. Suel suggests using a wooden file, which can be painted to match your interiors. (No matter which kind you use though, make sure your straightening irons and other items have cooled to room temperature before stowing them.)

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