Explore Exotic Chocolate Flavors
This is my favorite type of chocolate tasting and one I partake in the most often. At Compartes, we do tons of different ganaches or truffles with different all-natural flavor infusions, and I always think this is the most fun way to do a chocolate tasting since you get so many different and unique flavors and flavor profiles while tasting.

There is a broad range of chocolates that can be used in tastings based on flavor. Examples of interesting choices would be chocolates flavored with pepper (like a Mexican hot chocolate truffle or raspberry pink pepper), salt (such as our smoked salt or fleur de sel caramels), exotic fruits (such as kaffir lime or umeboshi plum), teas (like jasmine tea or earl grey) or a multitude of different flavor variations. Truffles or ganaches are my favorite to try for a flavor-based chocolate tasting, but chocolate bars (with exotic ingredients) are also a great way to go.

Overall, have fun and choose interesting combinations and varieties that have distinct flavor profiles that stand out and you are guaranteed a great afternoon or evening with friends and a whole lot of chocolate. Enjoy and happy eating!

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