Food and Drink
  • Set up a concession-stand buffet loaded with cinematic snacks.
  • Popcorn and toppings, served in paper top hats.
  • Milk Duds and Twizzlers all neatly stacked.
  • An ice chest full of pop and ice-cream bon-bons.
  • Throw in a few things you wish they did serve at the multiplex, like frozen mini burgers to nuke 'n' serve.
  • For dinner, if needed, TV dinners! Let guests order from a menu of Salisbury steak, chicken nuggets or fish sticks. Serve on Swell trays dressed with Swell linens and the good silver
  • Give your favorite beverages theme names! Imported Japanese beer for Lost in Translation. The Master and Commander Sea Breeze. Seabiscuit juleps, served with a chaser. Or Hobbit Juice (try Art Smith's non-alcoholic Vanilla Citrus Punch).
  • Warning: Serving all of these cocktails at once may give your party an NC-17 rating. One or two would suffice.

Fun & Games
  • Serve up some icebreakers—trivia questions!
  • Instead of identifying wine glass charms, tie trivia questions with multiple choice answers on little cards to wine glass stems with black satin ribbon.
  • Write the answers on cocktail napkins in gold metallic pen. Sample question: "What movie did James Bond author Ian Fleming write?" (A: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.)
  • Guests have to mingle to find the answers!

Gift Bags
Do your own downsized version of the amazing gift baskets Oscar&30174;presenters and winners get for just showing up!
  • Check out Target for Swell goodies like sunglasses, a disposable camera, jewelry and photo albums.
  • Package up all the goods in our stylish Swell gift bags.
  • Hand out to friends as they leave to catch a "limo" to their after party!

Special Thanks
For all the Swell products mentioned above, visit a Target store near you or shop online at


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