Gather every witch, vampire and superhero you know for a haunted Halloween party! Get the recipes for cocktails and appetizers that are tasty, fun to make and capture the imagination.
Cocktails                                             Appetizers
Witches CaldronWitch's Cauldron
Everyone will want to sip on this bewitching martini.
Bandaged FingersBandaged Fingers
Gross out your guests with a Halloween twist on pigs in a blanket.
Oprah's R.I.P.
Wake the dead and toast the living with this pumpkin-flavored cocktail.
Candy Corn PizzaCandy Corn Pizza
This cheesy pizza is the perfect crowd-pleaser at a party.
Tangled WebTangled Web
Plastic spiders are a great garnish for this dark and tasty drink.

Chedder EyeballsCheddar Eyeballs
Whip up some glaring eyeballs, which pair perfectly with cocktails.
Blood ThirstyBlood Thirsty
Vampires will delight in this to-die-for martini.
Ghostly White CakeGhostly White Cake
Impress your guests with a fancy cake that's white as a ghost.
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