All too often, we invite guests to our home and soon after begin to stress about the menu, the house cleaning, the glasses, the silverware and the weather, to name a few! When this happens, the party stops being fun and quickly becomes a chore.

Entertaining is called entertaining because it ought to be just that—entertaining for all! So, here's an artful party idea that throws all the worry out the window and encourages you to get creative, play and have a blast at your own party.

Create a cupcake party! Invite friends over for a sweet time that is sure to delight, spark the imagination, encourage laughter and, best of all, bring people together for some good, old-fashioned fun.

All you'll need to do is bake the cupcakes, have some decorating goodies on hand and create an environment where you and your friends can let your creativity go wild, where play is embraced and celebrated and where cupcakes are decorated and eaten with great joy.

You can use anything edible to decorate the cupcakes, like candy, licorice, jelly beans and fondant. Suggest a theme, or let the cupcake artists create without care.

The best thing about this yummy party is that there are no rules. Have fun and enjoy playing with your food! 

Sandra's step-by-step guide to decorating adorable cupcakes


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