Nicole Miller:
I never give Christmas parties. During the holiday season, everybody has five other parties to go to every night, and yours is always in conflict with somebody else's. If they do come to your party, it's on their way to someplace else.

Gia Russo:
An Oscar® party or a Super Bowl party. To me they're a little cheesy. They're focused on things that are kind of made-up, like Hallmark holidays.

Patricia Field:
The sit-down dinner is too confining for me. I'm much more informal, and my parties are more about moving around and having a cocktail and playing music and socializing. I tend to entertain lots of people, so I usually serve buffet dinners, at room temperature. We just keep mounding up the platters.

Michele Adams:
A sit-down dinner. I feel it's becoming a thing of the past. People are living much more casually and relaxed now.


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