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The Guacamole Mash
Mangoes and avocados have more in common than you might think—in addition to being associated with the cuisines of warm, sunny climates, they're both ideally suited for peeling with a simple drinking glass. The trick of sliding a mango "cheek" down the side of a tall glass to separate the skin from the flesh, and letting the fruit drop into the vessel absolutely works for avocados, too, says Anna Helm Baxter, author of the new book, Salad in a Jar: Green & Gourmet Salads to Take and Shake on the Go. Just take a ripe avocado, cut it in half lengthwise, remove the pit using the spoon technique mentioned earlier and slide each half down the glass, allowing the flesh to fall into the glass. The avo might lose its shape as it lands, so this method is best for when you want to mash the flesh, such as for guacamole or salad dressing.