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From bakeries to mushroom foragers, most small-scale food purveyors now have e-tail websites. If you're felled by a hankering, chances are one of them can fill it. Meanwhile, here are a few of our favorites.
Foodzie: Similar to Etsy, this well-designed, vetted "marketplace" allows small-scale, artisanal foodmakers to sell wares—like Angelina's crab cakes and Tucson tamales—direct to consumers.

Anson Mills: Founded by a restoration consultant, this company grows and mills heritage grains and posts outstanding recipes to use them in.

La Quercia: From Iowa, no less, prosciutto, coppa, and pancetta that rival the best from Italy.

Rancho Gordo: Heirloom beans of all kinds, as well as traditional Southwestern herbs, spices, and chilies.

Murray's Cheese: If PhDs were awarded in cheese and charcuterie, the people behind this company would have them.

Lava Lake Lamb: By the pound or side or sausage, this lamb is raised on an 800,000-acre ranch recently awarded the Bureau of Land Management's gold medal for rangeland stewardship.

Import Food: Authentic Thai ingredients on a wish-you-were-there Web site.

Zingerman's: Some of the world's best specialty foods, much of it grouped into boxes, baskets, monthly clubs, and DIY dinners, like the Reuben sandwich kit.

Grand Traverse Pie Company: Smack in the heart of Montmorency cherry country, cherry pies and other Midwestern classics are baked fresh and shipped across the country.

iGourmet: A huge, comprehensive specialty-foods store with gourmet and hard-to-find products from around the world (Switzerland, Argentina, Syria, New Zealand…).

Market Hall Foods: This site features a wonderful (and beautifully-photographed) selection of unexpected delicacies from Italy and France alongside simple, great California foods; expect everything from candied rose petals to stuffed pork loin.

Kalustyan's: Just about any mysterious ingredient ever to stump a cook can be found at this jam-packed online store, including Indian jaggary, banana peppers, dulse flakes, and orange flower water.

Asian noodles and condiments
Photo: Stuart Tyson/Jeffrey Westbrook
Formaggio Kitchen: The finest foods in the world can be found here, including Iberico ham (the whole leg or just a few slices), award-winning cheeses, and remarkable condiments.

Cybercucina: Visit this Italian gourmet market for pesto, yellow-tomato puree, dulce de leche, and more.

D’Artagnan: This is the place to find rare meats like Scottish grouse, Kobe beef, or wild boar—or just to buy really tasty bacon and breakfast sausages.

Browne Trading Co.: A longtime supplier of the country’s best seafood chefs, they also sell retail—though you can only get smoked fish and caviar online; for fresh fish, you have to call about the daily catch.

Nueske's: This Wisconsin-based store is famous among foodies for its applewood-smoked meats.

Scandia Foods: Everything Scandinavian is sold here (when it’s in stock) including Swedish meatballs, limpa, black currant saft, and dozens of kinds of pickled herring.

Katina's Greek Café: A great source for freshly baked baklavas, spanakopitas, and other filo-based pastries.

La Tienda: This is your one stop for ingredients and prepared foods from Spain, including salt-packed capers, roasted peppers, chorizo sausage, and cod croquettes.

Straub's: —the selection is somewhat limited at the website of this historic Missouri store, but if you’re craving childhood or backyard treats like Valomilk candy cups, Hawaiian root beer, Mississippi honey, and St. Louis barbecue sauce, Straub’s is a good place to start.

Frog Hollow Farm: In spring and summer, this farms harvests and ships the world’s most succulent peaches, plums, nectarines, and cherries.

Red Truck Bakery: Fall in love with their sour cream coffee cake, buttery rum cake, and quiches.

Equal Exchange: The tea, coffee, chocolate, nuts, and berries sold on this website were all raised and harvested by workers receiving a fair wage for their labor.

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