This year the menu has come together nicely: the endive boats, a savory-sweet turnip and pear puree, sweet-potato pancakes, spinach gratin and the apple cake with crumbly brown-sugar topping. (The pecan tartlets are on the holiday table every year, but the Pollan women whipped them up anyway—they were just in the mood.) The ladies look around at their spread and marvel: Thanksgiving is good to go. All that's left to do is gather in the breakfast nook, have a chat, and, of course, dig in.

Get the Recipe: Turnip and Pear Puree

Get the Recipe: Sweet-Potato Pancakes

Get the Recipe: Creamed Spinach Gratin

Get the Recipe: Streusel-Topped Apple Cake

The Pollan Family Table

The ladies' new cookbook, The Pollan Family Table, features time-honored recipes beloved by the entire clan, plus easy, healthy takes on an array of classic dishes.


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