"I do more desserts than the girls do," she says. "That didn't used to be true, but now I have grandkids." Corky spoons cucumber, red bell pepper and feta into little endive boats for an inventive take on Greek salad, transforming it into a two-bite (and very tasty) hors d'oeuvre.

"It sounds funny," Tracy says, "but I'm known for my sandwiches."


"Yeah!" she says. "They're crazy intricate—all kinds of combinations of herbs and dressings. The downside is that now everybody wants me to make their sandwiches for them."

Sandwich skills will come in handy at Thanksgiving because the Pollans make a ton of food, and like any sane American family, they know the best way to enjoy leftovers is between two slices of bread.

"We divide and conquer at Thanksgiving," Tracy says. "My mom does one turkey. My brother gets an heirloom one from a farm. They each do their own gravy. It's like the grand tasting of the birds."

"There are certain classics"—such as the family's beloved garlic mashed potatoes—"but we always try new sides and desserts."

Get the Recipe: Mini Greek Salad Boats

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