First, they have to stock the fridge. Curtis, Matt and Melissa head to the grocery store to buy fresh ingredients. In just 15 minutes, Curtis says they'll have everything they need to make the same items they had delivered...but for a lot less money!

Corn tortillas are the first ingredient to go in the cart. They cost less than a dollar and will be used to make a healthier version of Matt's nachos. "We're going to bake them," Curtis says.

Next, they head to the cheese aisle. "You're much better to buy it in a whole block rather than already grated," Curtis says.

Instead of salmon, the shoppers buy a tilapia fillet, which is on sale for $1.95. Next stop? The meat section. "What you want to do when you get to the meat section is just scour the cabinet," Curtis says. Steaks that are nearing their sell-by date are usually marked down. They find a package that was $11.75 for the three steaks, but now it's only $4.82!

At checkout, Curtis's advice really pays off. Matt and Melissa get all the ingredients they need for $17.31.


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