Watermelon and Wine Granita

Photo: Travis Rathbone

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The No-Ice-Cream-Maker-Necessary Frozen Treat
It's possible to make a frosty dessert without a machine (and don't worry, we're not suggesting you get a major upper-body workout churning your own ice cream). A granita is one of the most low-effort, high-reward desserts you can make in summer, since all you need is a blender; a shallow, freezer-safe dish; and, a fork. You puree watermelon, raspberries, wine, vanilla, lime juice and sugar; pour the mixture into the dish; and, set it in the freezer. Go back and give the granita a few scrapes, using a fork to break it up, every half hour, until it's frozen and flaky. Soon, you'll have a sorbet-like sweet that looks gorgeous and tastes incredibly refreshing.

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