Spin the Bottle

Recycle this old bottle game by filling it with ideas for romantic fun.
  • Spray-paint an empty wine bottle so you can't see what's inside
  • Fill it with action cards ("take off an item of clothing!"), as sexy as you dare
  • Spin the bottle; the "winner" reads the card and follows the instructions
  • Make up new cards whenever you want
Then, spread the love by making a donation to your local recycling project.

Jar of Love

Fill a jar with sentimental, sappy, naughty objects that send a message. Here are some ideas:
  • Rubber band: For how flexible and understanding you are
  • Lucky penny: How lucky I was to find you
  • Lip balm: For all the making out we haven't done yet
  • Popcorn kernels: For how often you pop into my mind
  • Photo of you laughing that says, "You make me so happy"
  • Bandages: Because I trust you to help heal my boo-boos
  • Toothpick: I wouldn't pick anyone else
  • A Swiss Army knife with condoms tied to it: Because you're always prepared!
Then, spread the love by making a date to work at your local soup kitchen.

Cute Quickies
  • Retro-monogram: Carve your initials and a heart into a big tree in the backyard
  • Spoon party: Engrave a spoon with an anniversary date, then use it to spoon-feed your sweetie something sweet and sumptuous
  • Un-Christmas stockings: Surprise the family with heart-shaped pouches stuffed with toys, school supplies, stickers, cookies

Then, spread the love by volunteering on behalf of any charity that helps kids.

The bottom line is that romance, love, affection and kindness are more about heartfelt cleverness than accessing colossal cash flow. It's about the experience, not the expense! Now go out and spread the love, then tell us all about it!

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