Chocolate Tasting

Just like a wine tasting, only with chocolate. For extra love, make it a charity event.
  • Go on a safari to find unique chocolate—red chili-flavored, anyone?
  • Present your finds in jewelry boxes and glass frames
  • Encourage commentary ("a big, chewy, charming chocolate with great legs")
  • Feature a kissing booth, ever the favorite (a buck a kiss)
  • Add a lip balm buffet from scouring the 99-cent store
Then, spread the love by donating the money to your local food bank.

Girls' Night

Host a pajama and tiara party!

  • Enhance a deck of truth-or-dare cards with personalized challenges
  • Bring magazines and links to blogs and YouTube videos
  • Wigs and crazy makeup mandatory for embarrassing Facebook group photo
  • Shake up some fun cocktails

    Then, spread the love by making a donation from the group to a local women's shelter.


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