Car Props
Public displays of affection are like romantic comedies: Yes, you cringe; yes, you secretly love it. Luckily, an announcement on the JumboTron isn't the only way to profess your love. Rewind to the happiest day of your life by decorating the car as if you were just married.

  • Grab lipstick, soap, shaving cream or liquid chalk and deface your windows with updated expressions of love: "Seven years, no itch!"
  • Print wedding photos on computer ink jet vinyl and stick them to windows
  • Plant mints in the glove box
  • Tie plastic bottles, streamers or old shoes to the bumper and take a spin around town
Then, spread the love by making donation to a marriage counseling service.

Small Is the New Big
Bring the love every day—or at least every week.

  • Deliver pizza for dinner in a sexy uniform
  • Sneak prizes and notes into his or her cereal box
  • Slip a sexy ring tone on his or her cell and assign it to your numberServe ice cream sundaes in bed—and don't forget the whipped cream!
Then, spread the love by volunteering together for your favorite charity.

Random Acts
Spread the love across your whole world.

  • Send a cupcake to the most abused person in your office
  • Walk your sick friend's dog
  • Volunteer at an animal shelter
  • Make some greeting cards for your local retirement home
  • Give way to other cars in traffic
Kiss Trap
Do you miss mistletoe 364 of the 365? Make a year-round kiss-on-demand substitute.
  • Grab a foam heart at the craft store
  • Decorate it with feathers and tie a card to it that reads "Kiss me now!"
  • Hang it anywhere you think it will be effective
Then, spread the love by volunteering together for your favorite charity.


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