Big Daddy Marshmallow Bars

Photo: Charity Burggraaf

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A Reason to Try Your Hand at Homemade Candy Bars
These decadent, chewy morsels from the Seattle chocolate maker Theo's new book, Theo Chocolate: Recipes & Sweet Secrets, are a new way to enjoy the three s'mores ingredients, all wrapped up in a handy chocolate bar. The recipe starts with a handmade graham-cracker crust (which is as easily made as basic cookie dough). You press the crust into a pan, bake, let cool then spread a layer of buttery, vanilla-infused caramel over it. Next comes the marshmallow blanket; and finally, once that's set, a dark chocolate wrap. You can make these sweets into candy bars or smaller bites; either way, they'll keep for up to three months, so you can have a taste of a s'more whenever the mood strikes.

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