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Sign #4: The Sale on Red Snapper Is Ridiculous
We're all for seeking out bargains, but slashed prices on certain items can raise a red flag. One biggie is seafood; the FDA has received numerous reports lately of fish fraud, where a store will substitute a less expensive fish for a more expensive kind (e.g., tilapia for red snapper, farmed salmon for wild or Vietnamese catfish for grouper). It can be tricky to spot fake seafood, especially if you don't buy it often. The best tactic is to know ahead of time about how much the fish you want should cost (walk past the seafood counter every time you're in the store, even if you're not buying, to eyeball the prices). Also, have some idea of different fishes' high seasons (e.g., wild salmon from Alaska can't be fresh in the winter); here's a handy chart.