Food in ramekins

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Everything Tastes Better in a Ramekin
Sure, these individually sized ceramic bowls are great for special-occasion dishes like crème brûlée and soufflés (or even bread pudding brûlée). But the cups (most of which hold about 6.8 ounces) are also great for serving up the perfect portion of mac 'n' cheese, plus they can stand a broiler's high heat, so you can crisp bread crumbs and melt additional cheese until it bubbles and browns on top. They're ideal for mini pot pies and baked eggs, too.
Bananas in green smoothies

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Bananas Are the Key to Making Green Smoothies Taste Good
Throw one in a kale, spinach or any other type of healthful shake and any bitterness is instantly gone, replaced with a subtle sweetness. If you use a frozen banana, you won't have to water down your drink with ice.
Fig toast

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You Can Make Any Toast Instagram-Worthy
See: @The_Daily_Toast, which inspires us to go beyond smashed avocado and try yogurt and cucumber, goat cheese and charred broccoli, fig jam and shaved Pecorino and so much more.
English muffins sandwiches

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English Muffins are Underrated
When used for sandwiches, the nooks-and-crannies-packed bread offers one of the most optimum bread-to-fillings ratios you can find, whether you're dealing with a burger, tuna salad or a fried egg. And while we're on the subject of sandwiches, here's an old rule to remember: Lean proteins, like turkey or roast beef, need deep, flavorful sauces, like mayo or olive tapenade; rich proteins, like pulled pork, go better with sharp and crunchy condiments, such as citrus slaw.
Maple bacon donut

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There Is No Place Bacon Cannot Go
Trail mix, cupcakes, ice cream, jam all challenge you to find a place where its salty, smoky goodness doesn't work.

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Vinaigrette Is Not Just for Salad
The dressing is the quickest pick-me-up ever for grilled vegetables, chicken, seared salmon or pork tenderloin.
Prosciutto flatbread

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Prosciutto Turns Almost Any So-So Dish Into a Full-Fledged Meal
We're crazy about delicate and sweet-tasting Prosciutto di Parma, a type of ham that can only be produced from the hind legs of specially selected heritage breeds raised in the 11 approved regions of Italy. Thin slices can make a somewhat sad meal very happy—whether it's pizza, grilled-cheese sandwiches, salads or basically any pasta dish (especially ones with peas or asparagus).
Food in pretty bowl

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Leftovers Taste Better If You Put Them in Nice-Looking Bowls and Plates
Korean fried chicken

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Fusion Is an Outdated Term
Korean fried chicken is one of our favorite examples, but chefs and home cooks are no longer keeping with all one cuisine in a meal or even a dish. If it tastes good to you, go ahead and put that feta on your pizza.
Burnt caramel sauce

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Burn Things on Purpose, Sometimes
We're seeing chefs take toast to the dark side, topping burnt-black bread with ricotta cheese and jam for the perfect combination of smooth, creamy and sweet, honey a shade past its usual hue for a supersavory dip and caramel to delicious, and dark, new heights.