You should start the day with a nutrient-dense meal that includes both protein and fat, Toni Bark says. Her raw pancakes taste better than they sound, especially slathered in coconut butter and maple syrup. Bark makes double batches and freezes them, defrosting two or three at a time. For dried mulberries, mesquite powder, and maca root, go to

Makes a dozen 3-inch pancakes


  • 1 cup chia seeds, finely ground
  • ½ cup pecan or macadamia nuts, finely ground
  • ½ cup dried mulberries
  • ½ cup mesquite powder
  • ¼ cup maca root powder
  • 1 Tbsp. cinnamon


Active time: 30 minutes
Total time: 7½ hours

Mix ingredients in a bowl. Add 2 cups water and blend with a fork. Form rounds on a baking tray and put in oven set to warm overnight. (Bark uses a dehydrator set at 115° for 7 hours.) Serve with coconut butter, maple syrup, and fresh fruit.


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