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Quite Possibly the Quickest Casserole You'll Ever Make
The humble sheet pan could be the most versatile item in your kitchen, since it's big enough to hold an entire meal, and its low, inch-high sides make it perfect for roasting foods without steaming them. And with this creative recipe, food writer, co-author of more than 20 cookbooks and mother of two Raquel Pelzel shows how it can even turn out a casserole-style broccoli gratin. In her new book Sheet Pan Suppers Meatless, Pelzel explains that the sheet pan is perfect for a veggie gratin; since it's shallower than a traditional baking dish, every single morsel of broccoli gets an ample coating of crispy-cheesy-bread-crumb-y topping. Bonus: Pelzel preheats the pan with the oven, which speeds up the entire process and will help you get dinner on the table in just 20 minutes.

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