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Pasta with a Magic Sauce
Globe-trotting Top Chef host Gail Simmons knows she's most recognizable as a discerning TV food critic, and admits that people often ask her, "Do you cook at home?" Her new book, Bringing It Home, answers that question with a resounding "Absolutely!" The wife and mom shares the dishes she cooks for her family and friends, and this simple pasta is one you'll want to put into heavy rotation. It relies on ripe cherry tomatoes for color, sweetness and liquid; as you cook them in warm olive oil, their skins burst open, the sweet juices simmer and in the brief amount of time it takes to boil pasta and chop a few herbs, you've created a silky, sumptuous sauce. Creamy fresh ricotta and a sprinkle of Parmigiano-Reggiano add luxurious touches.

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