Q: I have tried numerous times to make gravy from scratch without success; it is either too liquidy or tastes like flour. Last year, Christmas dinner was celebrated at my house, and since I did not want to screw up the turkey gravy, I got one of my guests to do it (a little embarrassing). I would just love to be able to make gravy without being so scared of the outcome. I want to be confident next year, therefore, if I get the information from a pro and practice, my gravy phobia will be a thing of the past.

— Aline

Hi, Aline.

I have just the thing: my video on how to make gravy .

Try it—I think you will like it. Definitely give it a go now since the holidays are almost a year away. It will give you plenty of time to see if you like it.

Also try making the turkey with my marinade . You can use the same marinade for chicken too! It makes really great pan juices to make the gravy. Please let me know how it turns out!

Good luck,

Cristina on party hosting etiquette


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